Our concept

We arrived in Brussels several years ago and we learned to fit in here "the hard way": we hardly knew anyone there, apart from our new colleagues who were not always very available because they were busy with their own lives. The Internet didn't exist then, we were therefore obliged to circulate in the districts, a paper plan in hand, to view the environment, to feel the atmospheres, to note the announcements on the posters, to ring the doorbells, to physically rub shoulders with the city, to determine our choices. Today, everything is centralized in the hands of the agencies and put online. But on the Internet, not everything is visible: the character of a district, its inhabitants, its smells, its inconveniences, the noise, the bustle, the pollution, the neighborhood, the practical arrangements, the health centers, the insurance, compulsory or not, mobility, amenities, and leisure are insufficiently indicated or inaccessible because of elementary French... We also have to take into account the complex, even incomprehensible administration, the bureaucracy: what obstacles it took us months, sometimes years, to overcome! During our international careers, on the strength of these difficulties encountered and painstakingly resolved, we were keen to help other newcomers to find their marks here. Today, we are experienced, and we would like to share this know-how with empathy with expats who settle in Brussels. Our team speaks and writes French, English, and Spanish fluently, and will mainly care about your well-being!